Urgent! These 5 Things Need to be Teached to Girls from an Early Age

In modern times and the many advances that mankind has made, societies in many places still often emotionally exploit women. from impossible body standards, blaming female victims, to pressure to always put others first, there are many challenges that women have to face from adolescence onwards.

Although parents cannot always protect girls from the outside world, there are many things parents can do to prevent them from internalizing destructive social messages. in particular, parents need to teach the most important emotional skills girls need to learn to navigate the world more effectively.

Here are some skills parents need to teach girls from childhood or adolescence as reported by the Moms website and Protect Girl Images.

1. How to feel beautiful and have a positive relationship with yourself

Drowning in a sea of ​​social media where girls who are judged to be physically attractive are gaining more fans, this leaves many girls may not know how to view themselves beyond the desired object. teach your daughter that she is beautiful because of who she is in her heart and mind, not because of her appearance or the way she dresses.

Cultivate the belief that true beauty does come from within. help him understand that trying to make him attractive by other people's standards is futile. Build confidence in who she is and explain to her that confidence can radiate as beauty.

2. How to respond to the online world

Help your daughter realize that the online world is not the real world. Make sure he spends more time with his family than with his online community. The more time he spends online, the more likely he is to feel discouraged about what other girls have that he doesn't have, such as clothes, money, luxury experiences, body shape, to relationships. for that, make sure you always supervise so that your children don't overuse social media.

3. How we have to work hard to get something

Hard work is something that will take the girl further in her life and will be needed in every area of ​​her life as well. Parents must teach their daughters that whatever they want in life must be earned by hard work.

This includes good grades in school, getting a job, getting promoted in their career, and anything else in life. Both boys and girls should be taught about hard work and should not always be spoiled. If parents don't teach girls about hard work, then they won't be motivated and expect things to just happen in their lives. So, start teaching them when they are young how important hard work is.

4. Exercise is the best medicine

Teaching children to take care of themselves is very important, and it involves eating right and getting regular exercise. compared to girls, boys are more happy with sports activities, such as futsal, badminton, volleyball, basketball, and so on. So, it is important for parents to encourage their daughters to be diligent in exercising so that they grow up with good healthy habits.

Parents can also teach children that exercise can be fun and is a great way to let out emotions. So the next time your daughters get frustrated or upset, try taking a walk with them. and they will feel immediately that their brain will start releasing chemicals that make them feel better.

5. How to defend yourself

For a long time, girls have been encouraged by parents, teachers and the environment to always be sweet, gentle, shy, and obedient. even so, don't forget to tell them that it's okay to stand up for themselves and voice their beliefs and opinions.

So let your daughter know that she can express herself strongly, but with respect. Also, if someone else does something he doesn't like, empower him to fight back and speak up.

These are the things parents need to teach their daughters. Last but not least, parents must also set an example for their children so that they can change for the better.

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