5 Bad Impacts of Television Shows on Child Development

Television can be a medium of education and entertainment for children. However, some television shows in Indonesia are not educational and have a bad impact on children's development. for example television shows that contain violence, or soap operas that have an unrealistic storyline.

As a parent, you should think about the negative impact of television viewing on your child's development. do not let children imitate things that are not appropriate and their development is disrupted. To find out the negative impact of television shows on children's development, see the following article!

1. Television shows will affect children's attitudes

In Psychology Today, Romeo Vitelli explains that children who watch violent or sexual scenes on television are more likely to follow these actions later in life. Because, children tend to easily imitate what he sees.

Although not all children who watch violent or sexual content will imitate these actions, this should be a warning for parents to regulate entertainment content for children. do not allow children to watch violent or sexual content unsupervised.

2. Advertising exposure also affects children's behavior

Advertisements are impressions that aim to influence a person's attitudes and behavior. not infrequently, advertisements show scenes of violence or inappropriate scenes. Not only shows that are less educative, advertising exposure to children also affects children's behavior.

Parents should be more careful when letting their children watch television. Romeo Vitelli as a psychologist in Toronto, Canada, suggested that parents continue to monitor the exposure of advertisements to their children. watching television unsupervised can do more harm to children than they realize.

3. Television shows affect parent-child communication

According to professor of Communication at Ohaio University, Amy Nathanson Ph.D., reported by Psychology Today, television reduces the amount of interaction and communication a child has with parents. parents and children talk less, relate and interact less.

This of course will be a bad thing for children in the future, for example, children become unproductive or feel less support from parents. parents should increase the quantity and quality of communication with children since childhood.

4. Uneducational viewing will lower IQ

in The New York Times, Italian economist Ruben Durante found that there was a decrease in IQ in children who were more exposed to entertainment and advertising than those who displayed educational material or news. parents should be aware of exposure to entertainment to children.

Look for television shows that can entertain and educate children. related to this, watching too much television with entertainment content makes children read less so that reading interest decreases.

5. Influence on children's achievement

watching television that is not in accordance with the child's age rate also affects their cognitive abilities. Jonathan Rothwell in The New York Times, explains that children who are exposed to more educational shows rank higher in class than those who prefer to watch entertainment shows.

Of course, educational shows help children's development. Therefore, it is wiser as a parent to choose television shows that have benefits for children.

Well, those were 5 bad effects of less educative shows on children. As a parent, you must be more careful in choosing shows on television, as well as monitoring.


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